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Experimenting with clothes is something I've been trying hard lately. I'm really tired of always wearing the same combinations of colors (specially black+white+red) which is not bad, but is boring. Okay, I admit this time I sinned again with the same color scheme, but I feel like adding this colorful statement necklace from Zara, with flowers, lots of shades and things added that needed different touch.

This stripes dress caught my attention because it reminds me of the beach, although is made of a very thick  but comfy fabric. I love how it fits! I've been experimenting with makeup too, and this time I did my eyeliner a bit different than usual, I went for the cat eye look. I hope this is only the beginning of lots of outfits full of changes, experiments and some fresh air on my personal style which I hope keep inspiring all of you!

Finally, I'm really really sorry for the pictures collapse. The server I always use to load the pics has failed, and it won't be restored until two or three days. However I'll keep posting as usual, so I hope the problem is solved soon.

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I was wearing:

Morgan stripes dress
Local store sandals
Zara bag and necklace

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