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City of Arts and Science. It is possibly the most-known space/building/museum all over the world in Valencia. Although my ''architectural opinion'' about this buildings is rather negative (no more details, I learned about it on the Architecture School), I must confess is an amazing place to take pictures. I think it's because almost all the buildings around there are white so they reflect light in a special way, which means that almost all the pictures you take there end up really really well. If you visit us, I recommend doing at least a sightseeing tour there.

This is actually the white dress I bought on my trip to Mallorca some years ago. I think it's great to post again pictures wearing it, because I think combining with different things trough time and then compare both pictures shows a change on my style, and that the same garment is now worn in a more mature way. I also did with my makeup something more sophisticated than usual. I recently discovered this new NYX lipstick which is driving me crazy. It's still an intense color (always wearing them, it's like my personal touch) but more pinkish, even a little neon. Love it!

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I was wearing:

White dress from Mallorca
DiCarla Joyas pearl necklace
Furla glitter Candybag
Springfield sandals
NYX lipstick

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