How to: Beat the sales period. 10 conscious-shopping tips

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Sales period started yesterday in Spain. I don't know if it's a worldwide phenomenon or if it's something  that only happens here, but people usually goes nuts the first day. Then, during the following weeks they seem to forget about discounts. On first day all I see are huge queues on specifical stores and brands, crowds in the main streets (although lately I've seen very few of these) and totally razed stores.

Why?! I don't think they've looked for any SUCCESFUL-SHOPPING IN SALES guide. Want to take home the best bargains without ending like the girl from ''Confessions of a Shopaholic''? I wrote some time ago a post about fashion on a budget, but today I want to share with you some tips about how to beat the sales period.
  • Some days before sales start, grope the ground. Go for a walk around your favourite shops or shopping centres, also take a look on online stores. Write a list of things that you like or might be interesting, but do not buy anything!
  • Stop for a moment and think carefully. Of all the things you've listed above, what do you really need? Or you'll shop something just because it's a punctual whim? Will you wear what you're planning to buy?
  • Set a budget.
  • Check out the online shop at 00:00. They usually put the discounts then, so you'll know for sure what is going to be much cheaper or what not. Compare, delete things on your list, or add new stuff which really worthwhile.
  • Will you go shopping phisically? In that case, make an attack plan. It may sound ridiculous, but do a plan or route, so you'll spend the right time on every shop, and you won't be going from here to there and here again because you missed something.
  • Is there anything you like and you know it will desappear really really fast because its price, brand/designer or just because it has became popular this season (it happened with me with this dress)? Take it home. Then try it carefully, and think if it really worths it.
  • Wear comfy clothes and things that are easy to change out of. This is an important part specially if you want to try on lots of things!
  • If possible, pay with cash. It's easier to be aware of what you're spending as you're buying things and seeing that you're running out of money. You'll save a fortune of that budget you set before!
  • Best bargains doesn't appear first day or week. They usually come out to say ''Hi, I'm here!'' on half weeks of sales. OK. It's more difficult to find your size, but as these are usually loose they have very good prices and you'll always find nice things you didn't expect without spending a fortune.
  • Have fun! It's important to go shopping in a good, open minded mood.

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  1. Great tips! You should definitely write more these kinds of articles! :)

    Check my latest fashion article!



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