How I quitted procrastination (and how it boosted my daily routine)

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I started procrastinating since the early days of studying Architecture. Class projects and homework required so much effort from me and were so time-consuming but at the same time, provided so little results that I felt like I needed a great rest for every 15 minutes of not-so-hard work. It's frustrating and at the end of the day, I ended up giving the final touches to my work at late nights due to procrastination. I needed a change. A REAL one.

So, procrastination is a big deal when it comes to getting our tasks done successfully, and in time. Want to know then how I beat procrastination and what has it meant to my daily life so far? Keep reading and of course, if you have some useful tips against procrastination or fashion blogging motivation, drop a comment on the box below and let me know!

#1 Understanding why I procrastinated
It's not an easy task to understand why you procrastinate and what's stopping you from getting your stuff done. In my personal situation, it was a mix of poor motivation, too much perfectionism, total lack of self-esteem and poor confidence on my own work.

My advice is, WORK ON THAT. Take a little moment to analyze and do some self-criticism and understand why you prefer setting things aside instead of doing them at the right moment. Or maybe it's not the time, and sometimes one has to realize that is perfectly fine and understandable that there are some days which getting off the bed is just enough.

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#2 Two comes after one
Set up small goals you are able to complete. Take baby-steps and this way, you'll feel like you at least have done something productive and you won't feel overwhelmed by the huge volume of tasks pending. Just start somewhere. Be realistic, and set small goals you know you can achieve. It doesn't matter if you must plan a pair of extra days to get it done, but do some of it!

#3 Surround yourself with doers
Have I ever told you about this pair of friends of mine who are super creative and full of crazy, entrepreneurship-related ideas that pop every time we meet for some drinks? These two are total doers: as soon as they have an idea, they do whatever it takes to make it true. They look for the best and cheapest ways to get the things done, they spend a lot of time on the first phases of the processes sketching and making fat numbers for the idea to come up as quick and smooth as possible on the next steps. They inspire me to do things as well. By surrounding myself with people who stay active and have non-stop minds, I kind of force myself to keep with my projects too, otherwise, I'll feel like the laziest person EVER.

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#4 It doesn't have to be perfect
My class projects are usually surrounded by an aura of sort of an art masterpiece. They never get finished, and I am guilty of being obsessed every time I have to deliver any work that IT MUST BE COMPLETE and perfect.

Since I started being conscious that this would be absolutely impossible, and no matter what I did, my professors and teachers would ALWAYS find something lacking. So I stopped caring. And it worked. I may not get the best marks on my projects, but I always pass them and at the end of the day, it's what matters for me and what matters for my Architecture degree to be finished.

#5 Finding the real interest in what you do
Every time I put myself into a situation where I was required to organize, fill forms or documents or just get a maths problem done, I ended giving up by standing up of my chair and losing myself into piles of secondary things I needed to get the task done.

Instead: get everything prepared for you to work. Clear your desk, put on your comfortable clothes if needed, sharpen your pencils and get your back glued to your desk chair until you've done some progress.

So, what are your tips when battling against procrastination?

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  1. Yes! The baby steps one is so important. I'm starting my final year at university in September so will have to refer back to this blogpost lol

    1. You're absolutely right Alexandra! Baby steps are key, and so, little by little to help us all quit procrastinating. Best on your final year at uni!

      Thanks for your comment :)


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