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If you've been reading Something Fashion for a while, you might know I LOOVEE spicing up my outfits with cute hats. I think they add a lot of personality and a very unique touch to any outfit. Hats also have the ability of helping us stay warmer on the coldest Winter evening, whilst provide us shadow on the warmest Summer. If anything, hats are amazing accessories.

Right after having one of the sunniest Easter weeks here in Valencia I'm able to remember, weather has suddenly turned upside down and we've been immersed in an unexpected Winter 2.0. Having already packed away all our coats at home, I've had to make a bit of improvisation when coming out home for a morning stroll without freezing to death. That's when I realized I stored a huge collection of wool berets and beanies on a box in my closet, among other little accessories like gloves or belts that come in handy when needed.

So, for those of you who would love to sport a beret on your go-to outfits, here I've gathered 5 tips on how to wear your beret on a super casual, french style:

#1 Wear it to the side to achieve a relaxed look

There's nothing like having a bad-hair day and putting a beret on. Whether you want to accentuate the messy mood (or not so much), you might play with colors and patterns on your beret. The beret to the side can also be worn with your hair tied up on a low ponytail or side braid to achieve a sleeker and more polished look. Just play with it!

#2 Wool monochromatic berets are classy and timeless

If you want to achieve that classic french styled outfit inspired on a walk through the Seine at Paris, choose a monochromatic beret, specially black, grey or red! This is the kind of super versatile hat that goes with almost anything else you're wearing, whether they're a cute skirt, your favorite jeans or a dressy put together dress. Add a monochromatic beret to your life!

#3 Crochet berets are the best for on-the-go and everyday outfits

Talking about loose hair and relaxed looks, I also been collecting colorful crochet berets which are perfect for Spring or colder Summer nights due to the thinner threads and materials they've been made. These are also great for College or High School if you want to accessorize a little bit without overdoing it. Get your beret to match your outfit colors or, on the contrary, play with colors and textures and make it stand out.

#4 Wear your beret back to frame your face

If you are not very into the "leave it slouchy and loose", go for the option of wearing your beret back. It helps the rounder faces look a bit sharper, and will help you get that je ne sais quoi effect on your outfit.

#5 Berets are easy to pack, useful and timeless. Invest on them!

I might have many different kinds, shapes and styles of hats but berets are great and comfortable, specially when traveling and packing your outfits on a tight suitcase. Their flat and super thin shape is marvelous! I would suggest you to invest on a beret made of natural wool or if you're looking for fancy colors, invest on a beret made of a nice quality knit. Otherwise, it will itch once wearing it, and believe me: it's not a pleasant feeling, and it mustn't' be good for your forehead's skin either. 

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I was wearing:

Calvin Klein Jeans
Vintage fur bag and red wool jacket
Local store black velvet flats and wool beret
Louis Vuitton black monogram shawl

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