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Luggage. Maybe it's one of my biggest and annoying problems I face when traveling. Preparing your suitcase may seem difficult and exhausting... Shall I take this cute skirt? Do I forgot something? Bleh, my dress came full of creases from the suitcase!!

“When you figure out your suitcase, you figure out your life,” fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg said recently. Want to know the definitive tips to pack your luggage and start your trip in the right way? Check out the following tips and you'll succeed!

  1. Make a list. Super important and I'd say first thing to do. When you have your list done, ask a friend or relative to tell you things you use on your everyday or you may need on your trip. You don't want to forget anything!
  2. Adapt your suitcases and bags. It's not the same if you're traveling by train, on the road or by air. Each conveyance has its pros and cons, rules (specially when traveling by air) and each of them will need some special features on your bags. Also, determine the total duration of your trip. It isn't the same to pack for a 3 day trip by car, than for 1 week on a foreign country.
  3. Weather. Do some research days before leaving, and pack according to your destination's weather and temperature.
  4. Basics are your best friends. Your goal is to take as many outfits as possible, charging the lowest weight possible. How to achieve that? Take advantage of white shirts, very few prints and plain colors able to be combined with black and white.
  5. Accessorize it! As you're taking it simple, 10-in-3 outfits are the key to get different looks only changing the accessories. Take a see-trough/zip bag and take a pair of statement necklaces, some earrings and bracelets.
  6. Shoes. Footwear is usually heavier than clothes. I would recommend you to take no more than three pairs of shoes: pair of ballerinas/flat sandals, pair of medium heels, pair of comfy flat shoes or sneakers.
  7. Distribute your things. Specially when traveling by plane, there's some percentage of lost or delayed luggage (mine was delayed on my trip to Boston). Take some clothing and underwear on your handbag or the little suitcase you're going to carry with you. Just in case of...
  8. Don't overpack.  Only pack the things you know you're going to use.
  9. Take a laundry bag. I tend to separate the clothes I use, or that are dirty on my laundry bag in a side of the suitcase. It also will help you to unpack and separate things for the washing machine when you arrive home!
  10. Review. Again and again until you close your suitcases.
And finally... Some things you DON'T HAVE TO DO when preparing your luggage, courtesy of Mr. Bean:


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