Madrid day 1

12:47 AM

I travelled to Madrid this weekend, just to go out a little bit of my city, have some relax and watch The Lion King the musical. I usually go there twice a year, for three or four days just to do some tourism and go out to a bigger city. This time, was time to see this musical on the theatre ''Lope de Vega'' (my experience, very soon), enjoy the sales around Madrid, visit some museums and specially, take pictures of different ambients I can't find in Valencia.

I forgot my mobile phone, and had no Internet there, so when I came back yesterday, I thought I would gone nuts with so many emails to answer. I'm preparing some collaborations and featured projects with other bloggers and some brands, some photography collabs with my best friend too, and some outfits planned!

In our first day, we went downtown to have lunch, walk and do some shopping. I love thrifting, and vintage style, so I visited some second hand and vintage stores on the city, and bought something I will show you very soon. I'm only going to give you a clue: I found a Max Azria dress. And I bought it. Let your mind imagine and you'll see soon! Thanks to our previous stays in Madrid, and to our underground maps, we didn't get lost and found whatever we wanted to visit. One of the places we visited was the Reina Sofía Contemporary Museum of Arts. It has many paintings of very known authors such as Picasso or Miró, and also antique pictures to see. I just loved the garden on the inside of the museum, you can see the pictures if you continue reading!

I was wearing:

Vintage black bag
Mango over the knee jeans
Black glitter flats (Zapa)
Zara floral blazer in white
Rayban Clubmaster sunnies
White strapless top
Mallorca pearl necklace

 Colon Ayre Hotel, which was very comfortable and also amazingly located!

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7 comentarios

  1. Hola guapa!! tienes un blog genial asi que te sigo!! ;)

    Me gustaría invitarte a conocer mi blog, ¿Te apetece? ;) Mil besitos!

  2. I visited Spain, however never managed to get to Madrid, I bet is lovely. I'm loving your 'fashionable exploring the city' outfit. Best of luck!


  3. Nice jacket! :)

  4. qué bonito ese blazer, me gusta mucho.
    por cierto, acabo de descubrir tu blog, comienzo a seguirte desde ya

  5. wow! que chula la chaqueta y las gafas! :D
    muy guapa

    Happiness Everywhere♥


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