Burberry on a rainy day

11:00 AM

DSC_0892 copia

Exams are over. Yay, I'm excited to have finally ended all my tests, exams, and a large part of all the important things I had to do for class. You don't really know how hard and horrible turns January when having so many things to do. I sometimes feel that I would be happier having 30 or 40 hour days, because I could finish my work on time. My nerves are going to kill me.

In addition to class things, I'm doing some cleaning in my room and thinking about buying a new wardrobe and redecorate the whole space, because right now is really messy and wasted. So, in the middle of this chaos we always try to go out and shoot as much as possible. Like this day we went out of home and it started raining like a crazy thing! I had to go up again and look for the rain boots really quickly. Luckily it stopped when taking the pictures.

And bow blouses... Oh! I've been found myself totally obsessed with them lately, since I found this old green one on the bottom of a box. I find them really effortless and easy to wear with anything, it's how you combine it on what depends the more casual or dressy touch to the outfit. I think the super feminine skirt with the green blouse and coat ended really balanced with the Burberry rain boots, isn't it? 

DSC_0907 copia

DSC_0875 copia

DSC_0876 copia

DSC_0909 copia
I was wearing:

Burberry rain boots and bag
Zara mini-skirt and coat
Sfera bow blouse
Carolina Herrera pearl necklace

DSC_0914 copia

DSC_0935 copia

DSC_0899 copia

DSC_0888 copia

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3 comentarios

  1. hola guapa ! que elegancia natural tienes, me encanta ;), la blusa es preciosa, y las botas una moneria, muchas gracias por visitar el blog


  2. me encantan la falda, el collar... un look estupendo, te queda genial, guapa!


  3. amazing boots, so Smart!

    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)


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