A garden on me: Queen's Wardrobe experience

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Some days ago I told you about a purchase I made on Queen's Wardrobe, and which I really didn't know anything about it until two or three days ago, when they sent me an e-mail telling me that it was already shipped.

You also know that I'm mostly new on this world of the ''online shopping'', and this was my first purchase there. I was a bit scared, because there only were two sizes to chose (S and XS), and I knew absolutely nothing about the fitting of their clothes (although I usually wear and S to L, it all depends on the brand...). Also, I read a post of ''In front row style'' (gracias!) where she told us a little bit about her experience with something she bought there and the sizes on QW, and I became more paranoid.

When I arrived home in the afternoon, I saw the package on my desk and tried it, I couldn't believe it! My Girly Floral Garden Dress fitted perfectly (althought it was an S size, which doesn't fit me sometimes), the quality was quite good (it's a very light fabric, similar to a soft silk, and it has a pink layer on the inside) and the colors matched the picture.

It's very, very short, but I expected it when I saw it on the picture and there's no problem if you wear it with a pair of short pants under it, like I did.

The only ''bad'' things I see when shopping there is that the prices are quite high (however, most of their designs are excelent, and as I said before, the quality it's not bad), the shipping cost is also high (I think they send from Korea...) and I read on other blogs that the sizes can change depending on what you order (for me it was the size I usually wear, but I'm sure it had varied if I ordered a jacket...)

So... My experience was good, and I think I will order more things on the future (firstly I have to save some money...). As you can see, today I decided to wear it to spend the morning with my parents and celebrate that I'm already a High School Graduated. My mum and I are big fans of Carolina Herrera bags, so she and my dad decided to give me a gift for my good grades and all the year I've spent studying hard. Want to know what does it look like? Soon on Something Fashion!

I was wearing:

Queen's Wardrobe dress
 Mango pink clutch
 RayBan Wayfarer sunnies
Tous earrings
Black sandals I bought on a local store

Have you ever bought something on Queen's Wardrobe? On another online store? What was your experience?

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11 comentarios

  1. hey! hadnt noticed you were blogging again! but anyway, awesome post! and i loev this dress, its so gorgeous!



  2. wow I can't believe this is your first online purchase, crazy! The print is freaking awesome!

    BTW your eyebrows are so gorgeous :)

  3. Pretty!! Es un vestido muy muy bonito!! Eso sí, corto, corto!! jajaja Me alegro que acertaras a la primera!!! un besillo, GUAPISIMA!!!!!!

  4. Hi Amanda! You look beautiful in your dress! I'm glad that it fits you perfectly! I've ordered online for most of my clothes including Queen's wardrobe and I have to say they are all positive. If I don't like something, I'll return it though. I consider architecture to be something only really, really smart people can study so I really admire you! I'm sure you'll pass your exams! xoxoxoo

  5. Muy buena elección el vestido Amanda, es precioso. Yo la verdad es que prefiero no curiosear on line porque acabo picando pero si que compro, cada vez más.

  6. nice review. That's good information to know if someone orders from there. Personally, I have not...but I have always been curious. =)
    Cute dress! It looks lovely on you.

  7. Beautiful dress!
    I never ordered from Queen's wardrobe but I did from other sites and I always had positive experiences.

  8. That dress is lovely - I'm glad you had such a good first online shopping experience - its always scary the first time!!

  9. I buy a lot online. Its a little different- the fit can be an issue, but especially when the stie has user reviews, I think you can find the perfect thing you were looking for when shopping online, instead of just a good-enough thing. Plus, you can compare, research etc a lot more easily.

    That is a cute pattern and the form of the dress is very complimentary to you!


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