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Wow, feels like I've been studying Architecture all my entire life and not for only two weeks. Since I've entered University, I've started being very, very focused on what I'm doing, so you know: no time to blog, no time to take pictures for the blog (but I've taken TONS for class), and even no time for great outfits since it feels like I always leave home late in the mornings.

But, I must confess it: I absolutely love what I'm doing there in University. I have too many drawings to do, so many pictures to take, and I carry a huge portfolio with me every morning and all day long. But it's great. I've met lots of new people and made friends too, I discover awesome new things everyday, and seems like I'd turn nuts when I go out from there, because all I can see on my mind are boxes, drawing proportions, different measures and lines. You'll see on the pictures below some drawings of windows and stuff I've been doing as homework (I really wanted to show you them!).

So, about the outfit... This photos were taken a couple of days before starting my classes. We went out for dinner, and couldn't resist to wear my Carolina Herrera bracelet. It was an absolute investment (and also the necklace, which you'll see someday maybe...) but its original design, quality and awesome sparkle captured me, and it worths it. Ok, not the most wearable piece to go clubbing with your friends or go to school, but perfect for a special event or a dinner out. As my feet still hurt (I got to the doctor, and he said I have some little trouble with my legs tendons, so both my feet have bad support and they get hurt easily) I decided to wear those comfy wedge leopard sandals, as the colors matched perfectly my Primark dress and the leather tote bag.

You'll know about me very soon, I hope. I'll try to share with you the greatest moments of this new phase my life has entered in and some cute outfits, tips and so on :D Thanks for the nice comments, as always. Sorry for not replying to all, but I always read them!


I was wearing:
Primark brown dress
Local store leopard wedge sandals
CH pearl & rhinestone bracelet
Lamarthe brown tote bag
Adolfo Domínguez brown belt



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9 comentarios

  1. All the browns and nude colors match!! :) Still looking lovely despite challenges in time. :) Study hard! :)


  2. Lovely dress! :)

  3. Well, why not turning this blog into more of an architecture-focused publication rather than a fashion-orientated one? I think both are types of art and they work together rather well. :)

  4. Gorgeous!

    There´s a great Double Giveaway from L´Oreal + Cruciani bracellets on the blog, check it out and participate if you want =)


  5. Me encanta tu look, es una pasada :) Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me encanta, te sigo :) Pasate por el mio si te apetece!

  6. que guapa pequeña!!! me gusta mucho el vestido y las sandalias!!! muy muy guapa!!! estoy de SORTEO!!! un besazooooo

  7. Love love love your style! Those shoes are gorgeous, as are you! I really like your blog and I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll check out my blog too and follow back if you like it!

    I can't wait for more posts from you!
    --The Urban Lioness

  8. That bag is so beautiful and classic; the accessories are perfect and the cheetah print sandals are so chic! Amazing look :)



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