New York - Part IV

10:00 AM

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Last New York post. On our last days around the city we kept visiting museums, as well as we went for some thrifting and shopping, which was really fun. I was really excited but also surprised to find things I wouldn’t be able to find here, and much cheaper (Levi’s jeans which are my MUST HAVE EVER, just as an example)!

So, shop-by-shop we stopped on the Metropolitan Museum, especially for the ‘’Punk’’ exhibition, which made me realize how fashion and trends change over the years, and how what its trendy now couldn’t be cool tomorrow. Fashion is culture and a way of life, so every time I see any exposition related to it I get to take a look and take some notes.

At last but no least, I must talk about this outfit. Example of dressy (maybe too much), comfy and still very cheap outfit. The dress is from a local store, it's a bit heavy but made from a great quality fabric in a really bright green color. The espadrilles are super comfortable and perfect shoes on the go, and they didn’t cost me more than 20$. And the necklace was actually a gift!

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I was wearing:

Local store green maxi dress and espadrilles
Romwe golden necklace
Clinique chubby lipstick

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