New York - Part III

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Cruise around Manhattan. That's what we did on the third stage of our trip to NYC. Taking advantage of the great light around (it was a bit cloudy but still nice) and the awesome landscape near the pier, we took this pictures with the polka dot dress which was a little bit more dressy than the outfits I was been wearing those days. Wearing again my flats, I couldn't survive without them!

Actually, the weather has been one of our most formidable enemies these days. It's been cloudy, not cold at all, but still you had to take your umbrellas so you were prepared in case it started raining. Believe me: carrying with more things than you need when traveling it's awful. And then, sun shone. Crazy weather...

Truth is that the Statue of Liberty did not seem so impressive for me. We didn't go to the balcony, actually saw it from the boat, but there were tons of people and I really preferred the views of the city by the bay. One of the things I like most about this city is imagine its initial planning, how it came to emerge and be so organized.

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Brooklyn bridge is cool too!

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I was wearing:

Morgan polka dot dress
Black flats from local store
Lancel bag
Rayban Wayfarer sunnies

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MoMa is also one of my favorite museums all over the world, now I can see it. I like it's shape although it reminds me a bit like a mall full of pieces of art (due to the escalators and the path made with many entrance halls to the different rooms). But seeing some Andy Warhol's cans of soup, Mondrian paintings and ''Starry Night'' by Van Gogh in one place is really impressive.

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