Vintage purple dress

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Vintage flowers. Still out from home, I couldn't wait to show you guys this post before I start telling you my trip to New York.

This dress is actually one of those ''souvenirs'' that always came to Valencia with me every time I travel. I'm that kind of girl who doesn't like those ''I ♥ INSERT HERE NAME OF CITY" T-shirts, or weird figures with the typical things or buildings I see on my trip. Maybe that's okay as a gift for relatives or friends, but as a gift for me I always buy something I can use a lot and it's not common in Spain or around home. No matter if it's a pair of boots or high heels (I came back from Boston with a pair of Troopa boots, remember?) or a typical glass necklace, or a vintage dress like this one bought on Mallorca.

What matters for me is the feeling that a part of that place I visit is with me every time I wear it. It's a kind of mania, haha. Personally, what made me fell in love with this tulle dress were it's purple color and the flowers on the neckline.

What about you? What do you buy on your trips? Do you have any mania when traveling?

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I was wearing:

Vintage dress bought on Mallorca
Clarks blush sandals
Zara Home bag
Ray Ban sunnies
Swatch watch
Local store floral necklace

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