Madrid: ''The Lion King'' musical + Zara ocean dress

10:30 AM

DSC_0119 copia

The Lion King, the musical. Was one of the reasons why I went to Madrid last weekend. Since I know it was going to be released in Spain, I really wanted to go and see it.

It was on Gran Vía, a huge street where you can find lots of theatres and cinemas. Specifically it was performed on ''Lope de Vega'' theatre. I personally found it a bit tiny for the huge dimensions that backgrounds and costumes needed. The actors usually collide on the stage, wich was a pitty. And it seems like the theatre improvements were made to take advantage of every milimetre of space. The seats were pretty small and uncomfortable. And it seems that the air conditioning didn't work, because it was horribly warm in there.

Okay. After this kind of old lady complains... The performance was amazing. The music was excellent, and I fell in love with the costumes and the story adaptation. As you can imagine, it fas full of people. I think I would give it a 7 out of 10 in general.
For the event, I decided to wear something more elegant but still comfortable, with black glitter flats as I didn't know how much I was going to walk around the city. I wore the black vintage bag I've been wearing during all the trip (it's amazing to keep the camera and my stuff, but still not too big to travel). I paired this awesome Zara ocean dress (bought in sales! Broke my pact, haha) with a nude blazer, from Zara too because as sun started setting, wind became a bit colder.

I was looking for that dress since I saw it on the store, before sales. I felt very lucky, because there were only two or three dresses on that size. Then, they absolutely disappeared.

DSC_0171 copia


DSC_0143 copia

DSC_0126 copia

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I was wearing:

ZAPA black glitter flats
Zara ocean blue silk dress
Vintage black bag
Zara nude blazer
Rayban Clubmaster sunnies

DSC_0155 copia

DSC_0176 copia

DSC_0181 copia

DSC_0167 copia

DSC_0166 copia

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5 comentarios

  1. Your look is beautiful !!

  2. Ese vestido de Zara es muy bonito!! Ibas muy guapa ;)


  3. I don't really like the pattern and fabric of your dress, but you've styled it perfectly. I love it with the blazer!

  4. Some good points here, had great time reading this. Thanks.

  5. love your dress!!


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