Re-planning my bedroom

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Views from the door

Room rehab. To all of you following me on the blog and social networks, you might know that since 2014 started, I’ve been planning to do a room makeover. I’ve been looking for ideas, and we’ve been working on some structural issues before adding all the new furniture. Being an Architecture student has made me more conscious and practical about what I want my new room to be, how to make the most of the space where I live and somehow, work (both in my studies and in this blog. I take it very seriously!).

I'm not ashamed to say that I live in a really tiny room. I live on a flat building, so the space is really limited. In fact, I take the small space concept as a challenge. Over the years I’ve been collecting tons of clothing, some have been donated and some other switched to new things, because I’ve grown up. But let’s say that I keep almost anything. That’s the reason why I have ended up having zillions of garments and shoes: I have been accumulating over many years without throwing away almost nothing. So, storage has become a problem where shoes on their boxes are in a pile out of the wardrobe, and coats do not fit anymore inside the closet. Just add to that a huge printer for my class projects (right now, under the window), and you’ll have not a bomb, but my bedroom.

We’ve arranged the new furniture to be everything in white, so the space will look bigger. That means changing everything: from the bookshelves to my bed linen and sheets. I’ve been thinking about doing some cushion and candle shopping too, because as in clothing, interior design also need its own accessories!
It’s incredible how some specialized household online stores can inspire me, with those soft and neutral colors, simple designs, awesome lamps and blankets. I always feel like buying something.

Accessories wishlist
Already on my wishlist...

1. Arolla quilt
2. Chivay cushion
3. Oyama lamp
The scarves rods
Storage is really tricky. I put a pair of curtain rods behind the door in order to keep under control my scarves and foulards.

My dream bedroom...

What I would like my room to be...

My dream bedroom...
More interior design and decor ideas at Urbanara Journal...

And the real one...
My desk, the place where almost everything originated. I feel like my bedroom has become too childish with so many colors over the years. On my twenties I want my room to look more adult and feminine, well organized and smart. A place for everything and everything in its place!

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  1. ahh I love transforming my room. I recently did it this summer and I loved choosing the colour scheme and everything else. Hope it goes well!



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