Why I don't care about trends

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Chiara Ferragni, one of the most known ''trendsetters'' nowadays at a catwalk.
(Vía www.zimbio.com)

Trends. In, out. Fashionable. These are only a few words I always tend to hear when talking about fashion with people around me. ''This color is trendy'' or ''Someone said this animal print is out this year'' are some phrases I hear a lot and I honestly hate. I mean, why someone has to tell me why shouldn't I wear those high-waisted jeans I love? Who has decided that people should change to floral print to neon colors? I find it absurd. For those who have been following this blog for a while, you already know that I usually wear totally different styles and color palettes to the ones seen on magazines, and that I rarely refer to the word ''trend''. Because fashion must be democratic, and is the tool to express our way we see things and think, and no one should put barriers for this. And because over trends, should be style.

The thing that many influential bloggers are lately used to determine which is the ''new fashion'' around really pisses me off. A blog should be a window to share and create, unleash new ideas but never ''force'' to dress like this or that because if not, you run the risk of being ''not cool''. What if you don't like the new pointed-toe studded heels of the moment, but everybody is wearing them? What about those really really thight dresses worn by the most known it girls, but you do not feel comfortable wearing them? I think you get the point...

Now, you'll know why I don't care about trends at all, and maybe you'll agree with me...

catwalk, something fashion style guide, trends 2014 I don't care, style tips, floral print trends
Floral trend is something I've always liked, but with some reservations. Normally returns in spring and summer, especially in dresses and different colors depending on the ''hot color'' that season. I personally like to wear it all year round.
(Vía blog.luxemi.com)

  • No-one has to tell me what should I wear. I mean, why it has to be the editor of a fashion magazine, or a particular designer who says what I have to wear this season, without knowing what my tastes are, or what looks good on me? Why someone once said that mixing two different animal prints looked good? I prefer to see what I can find on stores that season, and then adapt those garments to my own style.
  • What is ''trendy'' today, wouldn't be tomorrow. Let's face it: fashion is always changing. As matter, fashion is neither created nor destroyed only transformed. Did you realize that on all over the world catwalks this year, it has come back tartan and aesthetics of the 80s?
  catwalk, something fashion style guide, trends 2014 I don't care, style tips, colorblock trend 
(Vía dressesshoesandmore.wordpress.com)
  • Because not everything fits me, or my taste. Honestly, I've never understood the absurd about cheetah print leggings, perhaps because they show too much and I do not look good on them. Or what about wedge-sneakers? I have also never understood the meaning of mixing a shoe for sport and one for partying.
  • Because I want to be different. And that's about identity. If everybody's wearing the same dress as me... What's the fun part about it? It's as if we all thought the same, and is not. I chose to be my own boss talking about clothing.
  catwalk, something fashion style guide, trends 2014 I don't care, style tips, fashion colors season 2014
Supposedly, the colors that will be in the 2014 season. Who dictates this?
(Vía www.colorsolutionsinternational.com)

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9 comentarios

  1. tienes toda la razón. No hay que seguir las tendencias sólo porque sean tendencias. Hay algunas veces que lo que está de moda sencillamente no te sienta bien, y es mejor hace oídos sordos a las pasarelas. yo por ejemplo una tendencia con la que no me identifico nada es con el estampado militar

    1. Hola! Ya te digo, lo de las pasarelas y las revistas es muy bonito, pero a la hora de la realidad e ir a ponértelo... Pues no. Yo lo uso como mera inspiración, para coger ideas combinando ciertas cosas, etc. Yo tampoco me identifico nada de nada con el estampado militar, aunque en pequeñas dosis puedo aguantarlo! :)

      Un saludo, muchas gracias por el comentario!

  2. I don't care much for trends myself, Amanda. I always just believe in wearing whatever makes you you. Don't always try to wear whatever is considered the of-the-moment style. Fashion is about being you and expressing yourself your way. So I can totally relate to you here. Great post. This post is as lovely as you are. :)


  3. I actually think trends are just a business, you need to create new stuff to get money.
    And I dont think Ciara is a trend setter, she just wears every newest item, I would call her more of introduce r of new cloth :D

    1. Absolutely yes, I think trends are a business: they need to create new things (or bring again old trends) to make money. About Chiara... I must disagree and I do really think she's a trendsetter. In fact, what you said maybe happened at the beginning, but now I think she's stuck at high luxury brands... D:

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Completamente de acuerdo contigo Amanda. Por cierto, muy buenas tus razones para no seguir las tendencias jejeje

  5. I'm with you Amanda- trends do not dictate my style! There are certain looks/combinations/patterns/colors that feel integral to who I am as an individual. Trends come and go, but in my opinion- style is constant. Most of my wardrobe is comprised of classic items, and I throw in extras for added flair. At times, I appreciate certain trends because they create opportunities for me to step outside of my comfort zone. However, I believe that each individual is responsible for deciding what works and what doesn’t work for them, personally.

  6. Love this post!!

    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  7. I soooo agree with you! I mean, I do like to know what's "in" because people find it interesting and therefore, I'd like to inform them. However, I never let them get in the way of my style. I rarely buy new clothes, so I never dress trendy. Awesome post Amanda!! Keep up! <3



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