20th Birthday! :)

12:00 AM

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My family brought me a Birthday cake and an apple tart to celebrate together. Yum!

20. Little by little I notice how years are passing for me, although I do not think that's a bad thing. We all get older but I think it that helps us to mature and grow as people, and that's what happened to me on the last two or three years. Since I started writing at Something Fashion about three years ago I have noticed how my point of view has changed with my style and even a bit of my personality. Entering College and start focusing on what I really love, started growing this blog, new trips and friends... So many things have happened since that!

The truth is that I will not be able to enjoy really much my birthday this year (I'm not a very party girl, but also I still have many exams and things to do for class... I never stop!) I hope the twenties mean to me the start of an era full of changes. I want to keep the blog, bring you new exciting projects, new photos and ideas for your outfits.

As always, lots of thanks to all of you for reading and supporting me on this little, crazy website full of ideas and nice wishes! Love you all <3

P.D: Like a birthday present, Something Fashion has been featured again! Thanks to Blog Del Día team for it.

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  1. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Amanda! I hope your 20s are as lovely as in your teen years. I've been glad to find this blog and to enjoy your lovely style. Please take care of yourself and have a wonderful day/night! Much love to you from the United States! :)



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