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Hi guys! I'm sorry I couldn't post this before, but today I've been to the town house with my family since the early morning, and I have no Internet there, so I couldn't write anything.
Also, as you know, my luggage (with my laptop charger) is lost (I think they've already found it, or at least it seems so, but we have to wait until they call...) so, I've been using the other laptop, which is more difficult to carry wherever.

Anyway. Here you have what I wore yesterday. When I arrived, my mum surprised me by showing me this awesome leopard skirt she found on Zara. Isn't it lovely?
Also, she bought me that Tous earrings as a gift, because I'd been looking for them since two months or something (a friend of mine has them, and I absolutely loved them for the first time!) so, she knew and surprised me.

Also, I'm helping my friend The Trend Tracker with her blog's template, so since I came back, I'm spending time there fixing things (and when not, I'm sleeping). I'm also sewing a pair of laced shorts, which I know you'll love (I'm prepairing a DIY tutorial too) and, you know I'll be on August, 8th in Mallorca!

Top/Sandals/Skirt: Zara
Earrings: Tous

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4 comentarios

  1. i love that skirt. it looks really nicely made!

    i know you just started out blogging like me and i was wondering what you were doing to promote your blog, because i myself am struggling to get more followers.

    the short sound ah-mazing already, in the mall yesturday i was actually looking at a pair of creme lace shorts, they are so stylish!

  2. hahahaha "fixing things" xd , tia tia ahora ya tengo el dominio , pero que lata , para redireccionarlo..xd , me mola bastante tu falda.

    Ahora tengo que hacer como lo de las entradas en un ladito :D

    echale un ojo a la cabecera!

  3. @Keeping up with E.S.E.M Hi! First, thank you very much for your comment. Well, I can send you and email about what I'm doing to promote the blog, because maybe there are much things to write on a comment. Just send me an email, and I'll answer your questions! :)

    About the lace shorts, I'm finishing them, I'll try putting some pictures and also a DIY tutorial very, very soon.
    See ya! :)

  4. Lovely outfit, especially the skirt!


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