Right now, in the town!

7:26 PM

Hi everyone! So, I'm writting from the town house, where having Internet is a miracle. I arrived yesterday, after -finally- picking my luggage on the airport (yay!!). I'll stay here until next week, then, I'll return Valencia on the weekend, to prepare my things and stuff to Mallorca!

The life here is quiet... But very boring! Also, it's raining outside, so, that means no beach, no bicycle, no walking. How I spend my time here, then? Taking pictures, thinking on some next outfits, and doing DIY crafts. I'm just finishing the lace shorts I've talked to you about on other post.
I'm making a little DIY tutorial in case you want to make a pair. It's very easy, and they look lovely! :)

T-shirt: GAP
Sneakers: Converse
Necklace: Local market
Shorts: Easy Wear

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2 comentarios

  1. You are so pretty =)


  2. me encantan esas converse!
    que guai que hayas estado en boston! ahora voy a ver los post de alli a ver que tal te lo pasaste ;)

    pasate por mi blog si quieres!

    1 besitoo (:


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