Celebrity streetstyle: from Hermione to Emma Watson

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Now that ''Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II'' has been released, it's like its young celebrities are in everybody's talk. I'm sure you know about Hermione, Gryffindor's wizard and maybe the most intelligent girl in Howarts School of Magic and Wizardy. But... What about Emma Watson, the actress who gave life to this brown haired, stressed but sweet and strong girl on the movies? Today, I'm going to talk you about her street style, because I think she's got one of the best young celebrities style of this last years. She even starred as Burberry Prorsum campaign image, being the face of classy and atemporal style.

Since her start at the Harry Potter saga until now, almost 10 years ago since then, everybody's has seen her grow up from a little British girl to one of the best dressed at every event she takes part at, and a professional street style teacher and it-girl from head to toe.
Her red carpet looks are breathtaking but really easy, without complications, with no opportunity to give any misstep. Her street style is as easygoing and fresh as her looks at big events, and here I'm going to show you how only pairing some pieces you can achieve Emma Watson's looks.

celebrity streetstyle emma watson hermione granger valencia fashion blogger

Blazer + jeans + heeled sandals

A great combination maybe not for everyday, but really suitable for formal meetings or a night out with friends.
I would suggest having not only a black blazer, but also a white one would make a real change on your closet. You can wear the white blazer with dark jeans, black suit pants or when it's summer and warmer weather is approaching. The black blazer is a must have on every wardrobe, because it's a really versatile piece you can wear everywhere pairing it with almost everything.

valencia fashion blogger emma watson hermione granger streetstyle celebrity guide2

Big bag + outerwear

Emma Watson knows how to style a bag for the everyday, where you'll carry papers, your first aid kit, your College notebooks, tablet, and whatever you can think of. Pairing it with a classy coat or a biker jacket you invested at (because leather jackets are those pieces to invest at when talking to quality and design) is a win.

celebrity streetsyle from hermione to emma watson valencia fashion blogger

Basics everywhere and neutral colors

If there's something I've fallen in love at with Emma Watson's everyday style is her dazzling ability on pairing amazing looks while mostly using neutral colors as black, white, camel or dark brown. Whether is putting on a shirt and a pair of jeans, or even a basic white tee with a pencil skirt, she always manages to give her outfits that stylish, timeless touch wearing a trench or coat on a neutral color as said.

valencia fashion blogger emma watson hermione granger streetstyle celebrity guide

Special touch

Whether is a pattern or a brighter color, Emma Watson manages to put her look on a really nice and neat balance between the basic pieces and the clothes that will give her daily outfit that special touch, without doing too much. In this case, the tweed jacket and the patterned blouse give her respective outfits a nice stroke of color and fun.

valencia fashion blogger emma watson hermione granger streetstyle celebrity guide5

Don't you think you'd wear some of her above outfits anywhere? I think that's something why you can immediately recognize her style: she combines clothes in a comfy, but elegant and fresh way. Not many colors, not lots of jewelry.

So... What do you think about her? Is her style YAY or NAY?

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10 comentarios

  1. Que buena selección de fotos!
    La verdad que esta chica es pura clase, y con lo joven que es lo está haciendo fenomenal!

    Un beso!

  2. Her style is very nice.


  3. Parece que andamos medias conectadas, yo tambien hizo un post sobre Emma Watson, Q casualidad! me encanta su estilo y tambien vi la ultima pela y en pre-estreno me encanto!


  4. I say yay! always have loved her style!

  5. @MissPersonalChopped muchas gracias!! si, la verdad es que yo también pienso que, para lo joven que es esta chica, viste muy muy bien!
    Un beso! :)

  6. @Keeping up with E.S.E.M thank you very much for your comment!! Yess, I think like you! Her style is very fresh and nice! :)

  7. @Gaba M. jajaja, vaya! al verdad es que deahora en adelante, tengo pensado hacer una mini-serie de posts sobre estilos de famos@s, a ver qué sale... Viste la peli en pre-estreno? Qué suerte! :)

    Un beso, muchas gracias por comentar!!

  8. I love the movies definately sad its oover now

  9. She is always so overdressed. Its like she always tries too hard.


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