my first featured! :)

6:27 PM

Today I'm very happy :)  Yesterday I went downtown to Boston -again- with my friend Maria, for some shopping and walking there (I finally got my Red Sox t-shirt!), we went to the Hard Rock Café, we took lots of pictures, and she finally stayed here overnight. It was fun! We cooked some dinner, we watched the baseball game together, we saw a movie (Wildchild, haha!) and we talked a lot about school, boys, almost everything... Girl's night out!

Also, I got featured on Jade Rosa's blog. When she contacted me, I couldn't believe I was going to be interviewed on a blog! So, it's been nice. I didn't know exactly what I could say on some questions (in part because I have a little English vocabulary!) but I finally got the ideas and what I really wanted to say!
So, I really thank her very very much for this. Maybe, I'll do something like this soon too, I'll talk to you about.

So, I'm gonna prepare the other LBD Vs. LWB part. Hope you enjoy! Also, thanks for your kind comments, really!! You motivate me when I write!
Finally, here I am with the headphones. I'm leaving very quickly now, I'm going to the cinema! :)

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3 comentarios

  1. Hey girly, I loveeee your blog!!!! I live near Boston!!! =)
    please come by my page sometimes, I'm a newbie, but soon enough Ill have lots of interesting posts ;p
    Ill follow you... follow back?

    xoxo, carol

  2. well, then Welcome on the blogging world! lol I hope you enjoyed Boston and it's beauty. =) it is a fun place to live.

  3. Congaratulation for your fisrt feature!! I wish it's going be the first of a long list. I love what you said about fashion "Nothing is necessary or uncessary, you decide"!I totally agree!Lots of love.


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