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6:49 PM

Yesterday I went downtown for last minute shopping, do some sightseeing and taking pictures to show our families back in Spain. We're leaving the States Tuesday afternoon, so we should start doing our luggage. I didn't have to buy anything else, because I already found all the gifts and souvenirs I wanted to, and bought some things for me as well.

Want to see some of the shopping I've been doing? Some of you who already know me from or my last blogs, will know that I'm an absolutely addict to flag stuff. Specially the UK and the USA flags, I don't know why, but I like the combination of blue, red and white.
So, one of the most rare things I found related to flags, and which I totally had to buy were those flag stereo headphones with the flag. The ones I brought with me from Spain died a few days ago, and without the possibility at all of hearing to some musics while taking the subway, this were a nice idea. One of my friends encouraged me to get them.

And also these silky scarves I finally found on a little store! After walking half Massachusetts and going mad searching for this kind of accessory, I finally found those two different flag scarves. I bought both of them, one as a gift for my mum, and the other one for me to keep it. They were half their price so, they were a nice bargain!

And finally, so you can trust me about the flag-diction I suffer from, I will be leaving you with some outfits I've been sharing at my account at

I was wearing:

Zara shorts
Pepe Jeans T-shirt
Lola Cruz shoes
Furla bag

I was wearing:

Zara pumps and T-shirt
H&M blazer
Pepe Jeans sequin flag clutch
Levi's jeans
RayBan ClubMaster sunnies

I was wearing:

Converse US flag sneakers
Levi's jeans
Local store necklace
Easy Wear shirt

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7 comentarios

  1. ok. te creo ! :)


  2. hahahaha nuevo blog , desde cuando?xD mira yo hoy me he ido de compras con María A. y estoy pseudo-escocida, llevo desde las 5 hasta las 10 y m3edia dando vueltas por el nuevo centro y el centro , dios bendiga mis pies!

  3. @THETRENDTRACKER jajaja, nuevo blog desde que estoy en Boston! Por las noches me aburro un poco y me cuesta irme a dormir, así que... Por qué no un nuevo blog?? xD A ver si este dura!

    Ufff... Aquí nos pegamos unas pateadas que no veas (yo al menos me voy mogollón por libre), y encima, estamos con ola de calor a 40ºC! Espero que por allí las cosas al menos en cuanto a tiempo estén un poco mejor!

    Un beso, y a ver si nos vemos pronto!! :)

  4. Hola!
    Me gustan tus outfits ;)
    te sigooo

  5. I'm so amused by your addiction for flags! It's somnething so unconventional and creative! I would love to have a pair of those earphones and THE red shoes you're wearing in the last outfit!thank you for commenting on my blog!xo

  6. @TemiTemi You're welcome! Thank you too for your kind comment. Yees, I've been looking for a pair of headphones like those for a very long time, and I finally found them! :) I think they may be a nice accesorie for any outfit!
    See ya,

  7. I love red shoes :)

    Follow each other? =)


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