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Hello world! My name is Amanda Ramón, and Something Fashion is my 9th attempt on creating a blog and keeping it.
I'm natural from Valencia, a medium sized city near the Mediterranean sea, in Spain. But this blog has been born in Boston, US, where I'm currently spending three weeks of my summer time, because of an English immersion course I'm taking.

Something Fashion has been born due to the need of sharing with the world lots of new experiences for me: my first time visiting this country, where I've been living since the past 5th July and also the need of talking about what I'm most passionate about, which is fashion. I'm not sure on how I will be managing this blog, what I'll be talking about or how the experience will end, but what I'm really sure is that is going to be an amazing experience, and that I'm really excited on sharing it with you!

By the moment, all I can tell you is how mesmerizing is Boston to me: although it doesn't seem like a huge city to me, it has lots of things we don't have in Valencia, like clothing brands made in USA stores, baseball matches (I recently experienced one live thanks to my host family, and I must say it was an incredible experience. Let's go, Red Sox!) or thrift stores (which are really rare to find in Spain). I just discovered that I love thrifting clothes, and vintage items as well very recently.

By the moment, I'll be leaving you some pictures I've been taking of the city and a quick webcam test, so you can put a face on me!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog !

    Soo cool you can spend part of your summer in Boston :)



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Hi! I'm Amanda, from Valencia (Spain).

I like all things vintage and classy. I study Architecture and I'm an epée fencer.

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