LBD vs. LWB Part II

7:00 PM

Do, do you remember this post? Here's the Part II.

Of course, here they are the celebrities wearing them for events and important parties. But, just have a little bit of imagination and creativity, and add things to the outfit!
Change the high sandals for a pair of colorful flats. The clutch for a tote bag. Put your hair in a ponytail.
There are LOTS of combinations with the same dress!

Some people say its a better option for summer. You know: warm and hot temperatures, so light colors are much better. It also helps to stand out your tan, don't you think so?
Go for fresh and light fabrics. Sleeveles, crew neck, short sleeves or strapless, you decide!
Here are some cheap ideas:

(Forever 21, 19,80$)

(Forever 21, 22,90$)

(Zara, 9,99€)

I already have mine... And you??

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  1. cute blog!
    take a look at mine too and follow me if you like. and i'll follow you back!!!

  2. i think im gonna make a little white dress, these are cute!


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