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I'm very, very sorry because I didn't tell you anything about my arrive to Spain, my flight, etc.
But, I have had a problem I hadn't never had: Iberia (the flight company) has lost my luggage. ALL MY LIFE was in that bags. My Steve Madden Boots. My A&F stuff. The gifts for my friends... And part of my summer wardrobe. So yesterday, when we arrived and we realized it, we knew the nightmare had only started. We know anything about the things, and we hope they appear soon, but, my mum's looking for all the tickets of the things I had there (also, my bag with all my makeup products, my eyeliners, my Rouge Coco, EVERYTHING, was there!) in case it doesn't appear and we'll have to ask for a compesation (we've been doing some calculations, and, at least, I was carrying 1500$ there: my clothes, my hair straightener, my makeups, my phone and camera chargers, at least four pair of shoes, the things I bought there, and the bag itselft, which was new!)

Also, I spent all yesterday sleeping and when not, depressed, so I couldn't see the blog. I saw some comments on Barajas' Madrid Airport with my cellphone (thanks, thanks to all!) and I could answer some of them.
But, I'm in Spain right now, at least, I'm safe and alive (who knows? sometimes they lose luggages, sometimes the plane crashes...) and I promise I'll show you tomorrow my today's outfit, and I'll start again uploading stuff to

I'm sorry today there aren't pictures. See ya tomorrow sweeties!

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