Andy Seven in pink, by Carolina Herrera

3:13 PM

Remember my last post when I showed you some pictures, and told you I had received a ''graduated gift'' from my mum? Well, today I'm going to show you what she gave me for becoming a High School Graduated.
As you could see on the post, I was carrying a huge red bag from Carolina Herrera. I have always been a big fan of this brand, specially when it comes to bags and purses.

It seems that my love for them comes from my mum, who some years ago bought her first CH bag and kept collecting some of them during years, which I've been ''stealing'' from her closet. It seems that finally she wanted me to have my own. This is called ''Andy Seven Bag'' and I fell in love with it at first sight. It's size is perfect for me, because I'm not very tall but always use bags that are at least double my size, because I always carry tons of things inside them (camera or even the DSRL camera, mobile phone, sunnies, my XXL UK flag purse, lipstick and sometimes khôl eyepencil or mascara, pieces of paper and pen...) and this bag isn't huge, but lets me put inside most of the things I usually carry with me.

I also liked the color. I'm not very into pink shades, I've always prefered more basic colors like red, white and blue tones, but this pink color makes me feel like a 5-year-old girl, because it's fresh and youth, and it reminds me a princess costume I had. I also think it's a very used color this spring, and I loved the combination with the light brown handles. I thought it was time to leave for a moment my typical color palette.

I was wearing:

NafNaf jean dress
CH Andy bag in pink
Local store wood sandals
Sfera floral bracelet
Tous earrings

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11 comentarios

  1. Really beautiful bag! And I love how you wear it with this Denim dress. You really set it into scene.

    Mary Jane

  2. El bolso es muy bonito, en ese color me gusta mucho!Estas fantástica!Besos!

  3. Beautiful bag! Great combination with that dress!

    Kisses *CB*

  4. Thank you for visiting back! Yes, it's a really big and famous photography and art exhibition with international guests. Luckily, you're allowed to take pictures now (some years ago that was different) and I think I'll be able to show and tell you quite something. We go there with school next week on Thursday and I think I'll be able to write the post about it the weekend after. I'll give you a notification once it's online if you'd like.

  5. Hi!! Love the bag! do you want to follow each other??
    Un kiss

  6. Hello dear,
    i am just informing you that you have been featured today.
    hope you like it

  7. que guapa te ves! tu bolso es muy lindo, me encanta el color!!!!

  8. Congratulations on graduating and getting your very own bag!


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