Comfortable in a cloudy day

5:05 PM

Yesterday I had to go to take the papers to the driving school, because I'm going to take classes soon so I can get my driving license! I'm very excited about it, because soon I will be able to go on a trip with my friends or take the car to travel in summer from the town house to the city, where I love being.

Since yesterday afternoon, weather has gone mad and it has started raining and being very cloudy, although it is still hot. So, I decided to wear something comfortable, a pair of shoes I could walk on (I had that espadrilles for years and never worn them!) and a big shoulder bag I could put my camera on. I also had that camisole/dress for years (believe me: it's too short to be a dress), but I realized I don't really like that piece on the end of the garment, so I think I'll cut it out.

I was wearing: 

Rosa & Rose lace dress
Vintage earrings
Levi's bag

Hope you're having better weather than we are having here, and hope you all finally finished all your exams!!

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3 comentarios

  1. Love the bag! :)

  2. Nice outfit..that dress would be a good beach cover up too

  3. Those shoes are gorgeous! Good luck with your driving lessons! x


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