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9:00 AM

Last Saturday was the fencing club lunch, to celebrate the season end together, and to celebrate that the boy's crew was proclaimed Spanish Champion on the category of under 15 years two weeks ago. We are very proud of them :D

As it was a lunch in a restaurant very near the beach, and because it was very sunny and bright day, I decided to wear this Zara floral dress I bought before doing my ''pact'' with myself (you know: not buying anything from Zara, at least until sales!) with my Andy Seven bag in pink by Carolina Herrera, and my beloved and comfortable Zara brown sandals. Thanks I was wearing them, because after lunch time some friends and I went to have a walk near the beach promenade, and I spent more than two hours walking around! I just love the pattern on this dress, with the white mixed with the flowers, looks very young and fresh.

And please, I want you to look at this sweet things they gave to all the fencers as a gift. Playmobil fencing clicks!!! We all were very excited to receive them, specially the kids, because it's very weird to find such cute things related to this sport. I also had never had Playmobil clicks (I used to play with Barbies, hahaha) so now I have them on my bookshelves as an ornament!

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  1. Funny, I was also checking out that dress in Zara, but in a little bit different colours. It's really adorable and this one suits you perfectly.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, it means a lot :). Your blog is lovely.


  2. Amazing dress! Very stylish! Love the colours :)



  3. The Playmobil figures are so cool! :-D

    Mary Jane

  4. love the floral print dress! its so chic! you look great!

    love from San Francisco,

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  6. Nice outfit!


  7. I love the colors in this dress ! Beautiful !
    x Shubana


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