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After exams period, I think there's nothing better than spending the whole afternoon with your friends, going for a walk for taking pictures and putting in common last gossips. Three days full of exams for me have been enough for my mind, and I think I would have gone nuts if they have continued for more than a week. Fortunately, I had my fencing exhibition in the morning, and met this awesome girls on the afternoon: María and The Mystic Lipstick

To go with them I wore a comfy but striking outfit. Not high heels, because my feet hurt and I knew we were going to walk very much. A 50's style dress by Zara, because I love how this dresses fit my figure: they are small on chest and waist, but the skirt has a slight bell shape so the hips aren't very noticeable.  You know I usually wear this kind of dresses, because I also love the classy touch they add to any outfit. My  Lacoste bag, ideal to carry my DSLR camera, my purse, phone and sunnies. With jewelry, pearl earrings, my Oasap.com ring and the other ring I always wear.

Colon Market, downtown in Valencia is an awesome place to take pictures and enjoy some Modernist architecture.


I was wearing:

Zara polka dot dress
Local store sandals
Lacoste bag
Oasap ring

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