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This last week has been quite hard for me. In part because I had some personal problems, in part because I've been studying hard for this three days full of exams which are starting tomorrow. So, because of that, I won't post on this following three days, but you'll know about me on Friday, I promise!

So, by the moment, let me show you one of the last outfits I photographed last week, the featured post about this blog by ''6 pins in a shoe'' and my experiences on the last two fencing competitions I had this weekend and the weekend before! Thanks to Brooklyn Grace for this space on her blog!

About this outfit... This is the typical outfit you wear for school, and you match running like a crazy thing on the mornings with the first pieces you find on the wardrobe. The cute blue Birkin Bag was found on my wardrobe (seems vintage, but I don't know exactly where does it come from...) and I've been wearing it lately to school because as I said on my last post I always carry tons of things on my bags. These is totally perfect for carrying those huge books!

I was wearing:

Pepe Jeans pants
H&M blue necklace
Local store lace tank top and sandals
Vintage blue Birkin bag

Did you realize my hair is curly now? Haha...

And finally, some pictures of the fencing competitions! Last week I won 3rd Individual position. Yesterday another Bronze medal with my lovely friends Eva and Rosa on Fencing Teams.

We're the three girls at right!

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