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4:39 PM

Last weekend we went out for a dinner, just my parents and I. We came back to the shopping centre I talked to you about on this post, where I did all my shopping before sales. My feet hurt (you can see the strips on them), so although they don't look like so, I decided to wear the most comfortable pair of shoes I have (regardless my sneakers and fencing trainers). I bought them a year ago, last summer on a retail shoes store near home.

I'm also wearing a high pink shorts from Zara (last year) and the feather diadem is from Sfera. I always like to match a simple outfit and complete it with hair pieces or accesories.

I'm getting ready to show you on next post what I wore for the fencing club lunch, and I'm also preparing my bags for my trip to Madrid in two weeks. We'll go for three days to watch ''The Lion King musical'' and do some turism around, make pictures and go out from Valencia a little bit.


I also want to tell you that I've been featured again for the lovely blogger on ''6 pins in a shoe''. She's doing a DIY series, and she featured my tutorial to make the known ''Stars and stripes shorts''. Thank you soo much again sweetie!! :)

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  1. I'm in love with your high waisted hotpants and the feather in your hair looks absolutely lovely!

    Mary Jane

  2. Love your hairband!! I follow you back!
    un kiss

  3. love your bag amanda! i follow you, visit my blog and if you like follow me back, ok? :)



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