SNEAK PEAK: Fencing exhibition

8:22 PM

I also consider this blog as a way to show you my lifestyle, the kind of life a normal Spanish teenager has. The kind who is passionate about the sport they practice, or just show you the daily basis. As lot of you know, I've been practicing fencing for about four years. This sport has changed me a lot, and thanks to the friends I've met on the club, my view of everything around me has turned upside down too.

That's why I wanted to show you some pictures I took yesterday, of the fencing exhibition we made on one of the most important subway stations here in Valencia. It was amazing to see people's faces when they watched us fighting!

''Sala de armas de Valencia'' is our club's name. There's also a site where you can find us!

And you? Do you have any other hobbies than being a blogger/fashionista? Do you practice any sport?

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  1. Cool pics! I've always wanted to try out fencing. It's such and elegant and sophisticated way of fighting. I myself have been a ballerina fro 1.5 years now and a figure skater earlier on.

    Mary Jane


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