American Eagle Crochet top

5:20 PM

Hi! So, it's been very difficult for me posting something here, because I'm still in the town beach house, and here there's no Internet. I have my Orange Internet Everywhere but its charge ended yesterday, so, my dad had to put another charge on it, but we aren't sure how long it's going to work.
Anyway. I have the DIY LACE SHORTS TUTORIAL finished, tomorrow it will be posted automatically, in case I can't put the Internet.

And, here you have what I wore yesterday, for going somewhere to visit my family. It's a crochet top I bought on USA, on American Eagle Outfitters. Also, I'm wearing a pair of Lys Flower sandals I bought last year in a local store, they're very comfy!

I uploaded the outfit to my account. I hope I can get some hypes! :)

And finally, here you have some new items I bought. H&M is still on sales, so, I couldn't resist buying these blazers. 20€ each!

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