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5:28 PM

Today, I'm gonna talk to you about a blogger who has just started her blog a few time ago, just like me. Her name's Ellen, and she's from New Zealand.
Her blog, ''Shop, Style and Conquer'' talks about fashion, but that's not all, because she also writes about D.I.Y and sewing projects, she shows her outfits and daily routine, and also tips about how to wear those or that items like for example, Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf.

I think it's a very interesting blog, because she also writes some quotes about fashion, art or cinema on every post, which can tell you little clues about what you're going to read. Also, she has a great, classy style which can be easily seen on every outfit she posts.

So, why not visit her blog and show that, even she has recently started, she can be as good as other more experienced bloggers? :)
Just visit her and tell me what did you think about! You know every comment is appreciated and answered!

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  1. aww thanks! im working on your post, it will be up soon!




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