Second hand... Yay or nay?

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Today I'm here to talk about second hand, thrift and vintage stores, where you can find lots of items and stuff much cheaper but previously owned.
I personally have my own ''story'' with these shops and stores. I discovered them about a year ago, on a summer trip to England, but I only looked weirdly at their windows thinking things like: ''Oh my God, I would NEVER wear something pre-owned''.

Silly me. I knew this kind of stores where very appreciated in all Europe and also USA, but maybe in Spain we have more ''prejudices'' about these kind of things, and looks like people doesn't understand if you wear something that has belonged to someone else. Maybe it's because when we think about ''second hand'' or ''thrift stores'' the image of a dirty, dark and old place, with lots of clothes and stuff pilled up on the floor comes to our mind. I think now I can understand why we don't have many of these stores here.

Anyway. When these last year I went to Boston for my summer trip, I went into one of these stores. Just curiosity and nothing more interesting to do on a July morning, with almost 40ºC outside. So, I went there, and what I found surprised me: lots of stuff, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, perfectly organised by colours, sizes and so on, with very well-known names on some of their tags, most of them with good quality, and with prices extremely low. I went crazy, and I realized, that even all that stuff had previously belonged to someone else, now many of that clothes were looking for a new life, and that they were even better than in a department store.

Okay: it's not like this in all the second hand stores I've been into, but most of them. And even in the tackiest store, you can find something interesting, you just have to be patient and look, look, and look. And try trying all the things you want to buy if you don't want unexpected surprises (you know that every item is unique, so maybe you love the colour or the shape, but it doesn't fit...). I also love the think that these clothes have a story behind them. Maybe that stunning dress was a lovers' gift to a woman who didn't love him more. Or maybe, that blouse belonged to a young girl who has to move to Paris and can't bring all her stuff.

So, I've been looking like a ''little squirrel'' for these kind of stores here in Spain. I found one in my city, Valencia, and it has nice things (I've just bought an awesome leather jacket for about 17$) but you have to look very, very hard.

Don't you believe in me yet? So, look at the things I've bought in thrift and second hand stores:

(Red dress, 15$ on ''Second Time Around'', Boston, US)

(Black blouse/mini dress, 20€ on ''B-Connected'', Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

(Brown Leather Jacket, 8€ on ''Seusó Center'', Valencia, Spain)

Do you believe in me now?? Have you ever bought something on a second hand/thrift store? Or have you ever being on one of them??

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4 comentarios

  1. Cute finds especially that black top! And I haven't been thrifting before but I really need to!

    <3 Kelly

  2. @thekellytang thanks for your comment!! :)
    Yees, you usually have to look very very hard on this kind of stores, but usually, it deserves it, and it's very fun!!

  3. I love red dress!

  4. Love second hand shops!

    Found this dress at one:


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