I'm home! - Part I

2:35 PM

I'm sorry I couldn't post anything before, but, since I came back from Boston, everything went crazy. A week ago I travelled to Palma de Mallorca, and island near Valencia in the Mediterranian Sea, to spend there a ''familiar holiday week''.
Now I'm back home, with lots of new pictures on my camera, and a much more tanned skin.

Personally, going to Palma de Mallorca (a not-very-big city where young people usually goes partying with their friends or only to the beach) with my parents, wasn't my ''life's illusion'', so, I've spent the all trip with my headphones, playing with my cell phone and taking pictures.

I have also gone shopping (between excursion and excursion), but I didn't buy so many things, just some interesting items I found on a second hand store (yay!! I didn't think they existed here on Spain), a timer for my camera, and a pair of winter heels. I'll show all these soon, because we had to sent them by postal service. The space in our luggage was so limited that we had to put just the imprescindible things on them, and send the rest back to Valencia!! So, here are some shots, I'll show you more (and also outfits) in the next posts!!

(Palma de Mallorca Cathedral)

(The port at night)

I was wearing:

DKNY little black bag
Rayban Wayfarer Sunglasses
White lace dress bought on department store
Black flats
Tous earrings

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  1. Love your blog! :) following now!

  2. gorgeous! love the lace dress.



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