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6:17 PM

Do you remember this last post where I told you I may not be able to write until Friday?
I was wrong. We finally could get some wireless connection, and I've been posting some outfits on between some crafts and mornings in the beach. I thought you deserved to know something about me too. I've finally finished the mysterious DIY project I talked to you about. You'll know tomorrow what's it, and after tomorrow, you'll see the tutorial. I'm sure my friend The Trend Tracker will kill me (¡lo siento, Ana!).

Anyway. My family is here too so they were around when I made the craft, and also they're going to help me with another one I'm thinking about. You'll see, patience!! ;)

So, by now, yesterday we made an improvised photoshoot on the terrace, and we took lots of pictures. Here are the heels you saw on the last post, and also, my crochet hat.

(Sights from the terrace. We're on the 6th floor!)

I was wearing:

Alehop crochet hat
Zara pink skirt
Vintage black tank top
Flower platform shoes I bought in Boston

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  1. I love yout outfit! The hat, the skirt, the shoes, it's all superb! Love it! :)


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