See you in a week!

4:28 PM

That's the new hat I bought yesterday, in ''Ale-hop'', with my friend Maria. I saw the same at the airport, going to Mallorca a week ago, but I didn't buy it because I couldn't carry it with me on the flight (and my package was going to explode) so, you can't imagine my face when I saw it yesterday. I don't usually wear hats, but these one with crochet, let my without words.
I'm leaving this evening to the beach town again with my family, to spend there the whole week. I want to chill out, get tanned, write and take pictures at the beach. I'll be here on Friday to go to the basketball game :)

I'll show you some items I'm going to carry with me there. Have I talked to you about the heels I bought in Boston? Also, my blue shorts, which I'm going to made the next DIY tutorial with!

(I bought these dresses two or three days ago, downtown. The green one reminds me the Keira Knightley's dress on ''Atonement'', it's lovely!)

The blue shorts. What do you think I'm going to do with them? :D

And the heels, which you'll see full size on my next outfit!

So, see you in a week.

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5 comentarios

  1. Muchas gracias por tu comment!! No sé qué harás con estas fabulosas prendas, que misterio!!! jejje Estoy deseando verlo!!!! :)

    KISSES de tu nueva seguidora!!!
    Estefanía J.

  2. nice blog! We love ittt & have a great time with your family

    xhajar et mounia


  3. Love everything :) especially the heels! I looove floral pretty. Have fun on your trip!



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