Third feature on ''Chic-Steals''!

12:01 AM

Today, I'm very, very happy, because I've been featured again :)
This time was my DIY lace shorts tutorial, on the blog ''Chic-Steals'', where I sent an e-mail asking for the featured. I really thought it was going to be difficult or maybe impossible, because Carly, the blogger, features every week lots of projects, and I thought no one was interested on mine!!

So, go and see that blog. Every week is posted a ''weekly'' post with DIY and tutorials, which can give you amazing ideas to wear and create.
Thank you very much, Carly!!

What are you waiting for? GO! :D

(P.D. I'm waiting for my new electric blue shorts to come by the postal service to make another tutorial. Stay alert!)

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2 comentarios

  1. No problem! Your DIY was a lovely makeover to a plain pair of shorts:-) Keep at it!!:-D


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