Very Berry Charming Dress: Modcloth Review

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Flowers. I think they are my favourite pattern when it comes to dresses or light blouses. Some friends say that my sense for fashion is like ''stucked'' in a forest full or fairies, flowers and magical things. Well, you already know me, and how much I love floral dresses. Don't ask me why, it just came up like that.

You also know that I'm a ''vintage lover''. I really like how 50's dresses (with volume on the skirt) fit me, how light and ethereal they are. So, when I discovered ModCloth some years ago, I knew I must had a dress by them. Now that I'm shopping more on the Internet than in physical stores, I decided it was time to buy one of their dresses. So, here we go with my first Modclotch review:

First of all, I was surprised on how fast the deliver was. The dress came in a very tiny box, so small than I thought the dress would go out of the box with lots of wrinkles, but it didn't!

About the size, I ordered an M because of the size table said so: no size up or down, just order the size you usually wear. I also made some measurements and finally ordered it. And it was correct. It fits on the bust and hips (as the skirt has some volume, there's no much problem with it).
The straps are a bit longer than it would had to be, but it always happen to me when buying dresses. They have two buttons on the back, so you can wear the straps on different ways: longer or shorter, maybe even crossed.
I was wearing:

Modcloth dress
Primark red belt
Rayban Clubmaster sunnies
Second hand gold sandals
Lacoste vintage bag
Tous earrings

The length of the dress is awesome: over the knees, with some volume (and the strong heavy fabric which is made of, helps the dress to stay in place) but not too short. It's also fresh and light although it's lined on the inside, and has a zipper on the back (that's the only part I think I'm having a little trouble with: it sometimes bring me problems to zip completely and I have to ask for help!).

The pattern is even more lovely in real life than in the picture, as the colors don't really match the picture on the website: it looked like the pattern was dark blue, but it's black! (Although it said so on the description).

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  1. You look beautiful love the pattern. you have a very classic beauty that i adore

  2. Love it! Such a nice shape of dress! xx

  3. I love the pattern of this dress. Black and white, flowers and butterflies - so lovely! And the red belt is a lovely colour splash.

    Mary Jane

  4. I love the b&w dress with the red accessory!

    Thanks for following:

  5. Very cute blog you have! love the dress

  6. Beautiful dress my dear :)
    Following you too :P


  7. Lovely dress!
    un kiss


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