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Remember my summer trip to Boston last year? That's when all of this started. This summer the same trip was organized, but as you know, I couldn't go because of the University, the driving school, take care of my boyfriend (I must spend some time with him too!) and so on...

Anyway, my friend and I wanted to receive some schoolmates who travelled back there. So, we went to the airport and while waiting for the flight to arrive, we decided to go outside and improvise a little photoshoot on the parking. There are some tunnels and gateways pretty cute to take pictures, and the light was nice.
I was wearing something very simple, because after our ''excursion'' to the airport, I had to go to my classes and also to the doctor, so I couldn't wear 5.5 inch heels as you can imagine!

Oh. I remember. Lot of people have asked me how I did my hair updo. It's very easy, and I'm going to try to do a video tutorial about it soon, if my camera lets me to. It's a very comfortable hair, perfect for summer and warm weather or school, because it's a less-than-5-minutes hairstyle and works pretty well. This weekend I'm leaving to town (you know: no Internet!) so as I'll have time there I'll fight with the camera there!

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I was wearing:
Easy wear black one shoulder top
Formul@ Joven denim shorts
Sisley black sandals
Rayban Wayfarer Sunnies
Vintage bracelets
Massimo Dutti Earrings
Zara Home bag

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5 comentarios

  1. I love the asymmetric black shirt. It's the perfect little special detail on this simple outfit. You look very lovely! <3

  2. The hairdo is so perfect! We really love the outfit you chose, so cool!

  3. Great pics! Love your blog! I'm definitely following now! Stay in touch and check out my new blog xx

  4. cute outfit, simple yet chic! love the photos!



  5. Bonito look, la camiseta es muy mona. Besitos


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