Madrid day 2: Plaza Norte shopping centre

12:00 AM

Plaza Norte is a huge shopping centre near Madrid. We went there on our second day of the trip, because we had heard about it, and we wanted to meet some friends of my mum to have lunch together. So we took the bus and in about 20 minutes we were there. It was very nice to stay in, because the weather outside was very warm, and almost impossible to walk under the sun rays.

I've heard it's one of the biggest shopping centres in all Europe. We went to ''La cúpula'', which is the mall inside the shopping centre. I mean, is the place where all the fashion stores and restaurants are (there are also furniture stores, and Ikea, etc. but they're all outside). What mostly impressed me when I entered was the decoration inspired on arabic and italian motifs. I have never visited it, but I've seen the ''Venetian Hotel'' in Las Vegas on pictures and really remind me of it. It was a cool visit, not only because of the shopping, but also for visiting new places and just take a look around.

To spend the morning there, and because my feet hurt (I've been since the weekend with terrible holes and injuries on my feet. It feels like I can't walk with any kind of shoes!!) I decided to wear this comfortable flat jewelry sandals I had on my closet since last summer. Unfortunately, it didn't work, because in the afternoon my feet were injuried as when I was wearing my flats or my heel sandals. What a pitty!

I was wearing:

''Honey'' vintage blue dress
Silver jewelry flat sandals
Vintage black bag
Rayban Clubmaster sunnies
Mango rope necklace
Massimo Dutti Earrings 


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6 comentarios

  1. Me gusta tu blog y si te gusta el mio podemos hacernos seguidoras mutuamente. El vestido te queda genial. Besos,

  2. Ya tienes un nuevo miembro, me gustaria tenerte a ti. Te espero. Un beso y gracias por tu comentario.

  3. Voy mucho al plaza norte y me encantan las tiendas y aparte porque es grande :) y hay donde elegir.

    No te conocía, por lo que te sigo desde ya :).

    Un besito

  4. faboulous


  5. A mi me encanta Plaza Norte, hay taaantas tiendas, que me pierdo! jaja
    El vestido es precioso, genial para un dia de shopping.
    Muchas gracias por visitarme, un beso enorme :)

  6. Hola!! Acabo de conocer tu blog y me ha gustado mucho!! Te sigo ;)



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