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Vintage inspired fashion. I think it's what defines my style, completely. Lace helps to make this outfit elegant but still wearable, in this simple but comfy Poète white dress I chose to go out for lunch with my family. Almost once a month, we all meet to talk and have some time together.

I'm leaving to Madrid next Friday, for three days when I'll be taking pictures and do some relaxing tourism, so it was also the right ocassion to say goodbye to them until next time we see this summer. Probably I'll spend some time in August on the beach apartment. I'm also taking my driving license course, so it's sure I'll be here on July. We'll see...

My mum bought that Rayban pink sunnies last week, Wayfarer sunnies shape is so comfy to wear! But, imagine: I stole them from her closet, and finally kept them on mine... I just love the degradé effect on the glass. As the sunnies, the Ralph Lauren black sandals came from an outlet mall, although I bought these ones on Madrid, maybe on January...

The bag is from Tally Weijl. I think I've been wearing huge bags lately, so I thought it was time to change my mind and try with a floral purse styled bag.

I was wearing:
Ralph Lauren sandals
Poète lace dress
Rayban Wayfarer pink sunnies
Tally Weijl floral bag
Mallorca pearl necklace

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3 comentarios

  1. Nice dress! :)

  2. I love your sunnies ;-)

    Mary Jane

  3. Hola! Acabo de descubrir tu blog y tengo que decir que me ha gustado mucho lo que he visto :) Así que me quedo a seguirte. Además te informo de que en mi blog estamos de sorteo, puedes ganar un conjunto completo! (blusa, falda y accesorios) Pásate y participa si te gusta:)

    Happiness Everywhere♥


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