Crochet dress

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Crochet. After lace it's a fabric I really like, which gives any outfit that sweet, vintage touch. This dress is actually really old, not vintage at all because I bought it new from a local store, but it's been a lot of years since the last time I wore it (maybe the last time was when I was 12?). These dresses are really fun to wear with sparkly makeup and some accessories, as it has a really simple and repetitive design. So I experimented a little bit with my white and green eye shadow palette.

These pictures were actually taken in town during summer holidays, just a few days ago. Now that classes have already arrived there's a few time for posting, for traveling, and even for sleeping. And weather has changed very drastically and quick, so there’s no more time to wear light tops and dresses like this. Anyway, winter has something I really like too. Cold weather allows me to put lots of layers on and play with textures and different fabrics on the same outfit, which is fun. I’m missing scarves and winter hats too!

What about you? Do you prefer winter or summer when it comes to clothing? When do you think it’s easier to get dressed?

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I was wearing:

Kenneth Cole ''Reaction'' sandals from vintage store
Old crochet dress from local store
Lacoste bag
Majorica earrings

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4 comentarios

  1. Loving your makeup and dress! <3


  2. I love winter fashion, but it is nice to be able to wear a simple outfit like a dress in summer!

    -Tara x


    1. I love winter fashion too! But as you said, sometimes is much easier to get dressed in summer!! :)
      See ya!


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