How to... Organize your makeup bag!

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Makeup. It makes me feel more feminine, and helps to conceal those little flaws in my skin that are always there, like acne scars. It also helps sparkling up my outfits, as I consider a real challenge matching clothes with a makeup that highlights and balances the whole look on the perfect tandem.

But, what to do when your makeup bag has gone out of control? Isn't it awkward to spend three hours in the morning (that you of course, don't have) fighting with your bag to find that concealer or specific eyeshadow? Here are some useful tips to stay organized!

1. The bag. Find a makeup bag you feel comfortable with, and where you can put everything and also see it easily. My new makeup bag (above) only cost my 3$ on a thrift store, and it's the perfect example for this post. It's similar to those which use make up artists and professionals.

2. Makeup rehab. Throw away anything you don't use anymore. Unnecessary items or things that have lapsed its expiration date doesn't have a place on your new makeup bag anymore.

3. Divide and conquer! Divide everything by type: eyeshadows go with eyeshadows, lipsticks with lipsticks... Set aside your daily basics and most used items in another compartment, so you can find them quickly. 

4. Cleaning. Wipe-down the bag with a brush cleaner or a paper towel. Clean your brushes softly and any cosmetic that is dusty or has khôl shavings (it happens often to me).

5. Start over. Once a month empty your bag on the washbowl or in a place you feel comfortable to spread everything around, and make a bag-rehab so everything stays clean on its right place!

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  1. Replies
    1. Verdad? Fue lo que se dice una ganga, totalmente, y encima muy útil!! Gracias a esto mis mañanas son mucho más sencillas y lo que ahorro de tiempo en maquillarme y encontrar las cosas, lo gano en coger el autobús :)

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario!

  2. I have to admit this is helpful because I tend to loose a lot of makeup haha

    1. Yes, it is! I don't tend to lose a lot of makeup, but having trouble finding things on my vanity is always a problem and a waste of time specially in the mornings!

      That's why I thought this could be a great recommendation :D


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