In Madrid for VFNO 2013. Day 1

11:00 AM

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Pictures by The Mystic Lipstick

Madrid VFNO 2013. As you might know, I visited Madrid about two weeks ago to assist to my first Vogue Fashion Night's Out. Not only for that fashion event, but also to ''commemorate'' the beginning of my new academic year, and get used to the idea that I won't be probably traveling too far again until next holidays...

To be honest, my opinion about the VFNO is not very good: too crowded streets, too young girls waiting on interminable queues to get a free sample or for taking a picture on a promotion photocall... It was truly a night to forget, so my friend and I just went out for a walk around (even I didn't took pictures of the night, just of the outfit at our hotel hall which was really nice), had dinner, laughed a while and went back to the hotel.

Madrid is a great city where you can do lots of things. So our three day whirlwind trip was full of visits and things we wanted to see or places to go: ''Museo del Traje'', School of Architecture, ''Las Rozas outlet'', El Retiro... A bit of shopping, a bit of shooting, some visits to museums and above all a peaceful trip to start right the new year on College.

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I was wearing:

French Connection dress
Lancel vintage bag
Local store sandals and earrings
Vintage sequins jacket from New York

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