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VFNO. As you're reading this, I'm preparing my suitcases and outfits once again this year for a flash three-day trip to Madrid, to enjoy Vogue's Fashion Night Out at the city and meet the new collections for 2014 Autumn/Winter season. Yes, I should be at my Architecture lessons but as I currently started them this week and Thursdays are a day off, it isn't actually so bad to lose a single day of class (but do not follow my example, and I promise not to miss more classes during the school year).

So, this pictures were actually taken before all the mess with the trips this summer, just an afternoon off downtown to buy some things for the trips which were coming! I was wearing this breathtaking asymmetric dress I bough in Benetton some years ago. I really think their collections were much better then! Now it's full of even too basic pieces, and it looks like this brand has lost that style and uniqueness that used to have... This dress is one of the latest special pieces I bought there.

Really excited to leave tomorrow for Madrid! Stay tuned on Twitter to know what's up on Vogue Fashion's Night out 2013!

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8 comentarios

  1. Lovely dress asimetrical !!


  2. LOVE the dress!!!! <333 Gorgeous.


  3. hola guapa!!! qué vestido más bonito y cómo te favorece ese color!!! ¡qué tla el verano? un besazooo

    1. Hola!! Muchas gracias! :)
      El verano genial, muy ajetreado... Apenas he parado en casa! O.o

      Un beso!

  4. WOW! you look gorgeous! :)
    Loved your dress <3

    1. Thank you so much, glad you liked it! :)


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