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9:30 AM

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Life behind pink crystals. You can see life in pink on this way, certainly. So, when Mister Spex crew asked me to enter on their Autumn Blogger Contest because of the launch of their own sunglasses line I just thought it would be a cool experience and also a great project to show you new eyewear ideas for this Autumn/Winter season. Anything to say about the moment I saw this pink sunnies: absolutely knew I couldn't say no and lose the opportunity.

So, why this outfit? I was supposed to pair the glasses with a Autumn outfit, but I didn't want to get stuck on the typical colors such as grey, green and maroon. So I decided to go on a total opposite mood: colorful and a bit colorblocked. This glasses have a sporty touch with semi transparent lenses, so I paired them with a fun, more modern outfit but still not complicated and very comfy. Not many colors, and neutral touches on white with the sandals and T-shirt. More colors or accessories could have overdone it!

You may have noticed my arm with a bandage. Well, I injured my right wrist on a training (nothing really serious, but had to carry with that at least one week) and couldn't take it off for the pictures, I'm so sorry! It's a pity, but I think this shooting finally came up really well!

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I was wearing:

Mister Spex ''Harrison'' in matt rose
Zara heels and blazer
C&A jeans
H&M T-shirt
Local market earrings

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 photo DSC_0100copia_zps1212e372.jpg

 photo DSC_0083copia_zps9f2a509a.jpg

 photo DSC_0134copia_zpsc6a8bf0f.jpg

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6 comentarios

  1. Me encantan tus tacones , son lo más !!

  2. He visto tu comentario, pensaba poner un link abajo de la foto que nos hicieron juntas en el Retiro, que postearé proximamente! Un saludo hamija! ;)

  3. Dark pink, white, and mint green couldn't come together any more fabulously. This is a great-looking blazer along with some stylish sandals. Your hair looks amazing. and those sunglasses are cool.

    I noticed your right hand being bandaged. I hope you recover and feel better. I'm sorry you had to experience this injury.

    1. Thanks! Well, actually the thing on my hand wasn't as painful as it looks, just a little uncomfortable to write and so on.
      Thanks for the comment!


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