Tous K12

11:00 AM

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Total white outfit. This is one of those outfits you just take off the closet and start playing around, putting things on and mixing stuff. Apart from being a nice place to take pictures, our town house is a perfect storage place where we take everything we don't use during winter, including clothing and accessories.

By the way, we left on a trunk here this Tous black and white bag, due to replicas which have been around this last 5 or 6 years, so I didn't want to use it because everybody was using it (don't get me wrong: the fact of ''exclusivity'' is something I find really stupid. I wear something if I like it no matter if someone is wearing it, but... It was totally exaggerated what happened with the replicas of these bags. In one day you could easily get to see about 100). Now it's time again to take it out of the trunk and give it some time for a walk outside!

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I was wearing:

Zara sandals and shorts
H&M tank top and necklace
Tous K12 bag

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