Devil wears Adolfo Domínguez

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Here again from the town, here it is one of my favourite outfits I've worn lately. I found this stunning, vintage inspired polka dot dress from Adolfo Domínguez, but in an outlet mall. It was almost my size, but still was a bit bigger, so I had to fix the sleeve and bust. That always happen to me in the outlets, but I think the amazing prices worth it.

And have you noticed that red wedges? They killed my feet. Again. I must wear them with adhesive bandage all over my injured feet (I'm like a fashion-mummy). I'm seriously thinking about walking hours and hours in the beach's sand, so maybe it helps. By the moment, I'm helping cleaning up the house, putting the furniture in place (I want to show you my new room here. It's 100% London inspired) and doing some DIY around (we have to fix lamps, set up shelves...).

By the moment, I only want you to look at the things I bought on the medieval market last week, as I promised. I think it's not late to wear that US flag bikini, right? You know, because of the Olympics (and my love for flags, haha)... And I think that flower choker is absolutely stunning. Perfect basic accessory.




DSC_0391 copia
I was wearing:

Purificación García red bag

Pierre Cardin red wedges
Adolfo Domínguez polka dot dress
Oasap Blossom Ring
Rayban Wayfarer sunnies
Vintage bracelets

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3 comentarios

  1. Do a pedicure pls!! Ist embarrassing for a girl to have nails like that. Dont mind your ingured feet... but your nails... no coment!

    1. already done a pedicure, but my feet nails have problems too (as my feet. They usually get so injured because I have problems with the bones there...) but now seems to be much better :)

  2. Dear Amanda,
    Thank you for stopping by on my blog and for the lovely comments. Indeed, I adore polka dots. They add a touch of humour and elegance to any classic wardrobe. By the way, your dress is pretty nice. I wish we add Adolfo Dominguez as well as Massimo Dutti in Canada.
    Take care and see you around!


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